With 4A let's consume organic to reduce the desert

Towards food autonomy in Africa

Aware of the need to act for a sustainable development, we are committed to invest in an ethical and responsible way with our stakeholders while working for the respect of our earth.

We are committed to offering our customers and consumers tasty and nutritious organic / Premium products. We invest in passionate suppliers, often precursors, by supporting them in their development, by carrying out their logistics and by ensuring them regular orders from the actors of the mass distribution.

We are particularly active in the protection of food biodiversity and the production of seeds from agro-ecology. We support the 4A association which works for the revitalization of the rural world. Our team is driven by shared values that guide all our actions and decisions.

We have at heart to respect our values which are :


Human relations are crucial in the development of any project. Trust is the foundation of any lasting human relationship. We maintain relationships based on integrity, transparency and trust.


We carry out a total traceability of the products we refer and we set up the tools and procedures necessary to allow our stakeholders to access them. We act daily in full transparency.


Respect is the basis of all our relationships. Convinced that diversity is a source of wealth, we are sensitive to the respect of the integrity of others. We are committed to preserving the earth.


Convinced by OXA FOODS MARKET's vision, our employees are committed to their missions in order to offer a high quality of service. Driven by the desire to do our part, we support many projects to help everyone develop the riches of the earth.